Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Useless Observations About ZXing

Just noticed how similar the logo of Google's ZXing project is to the logo of Sourforge's Zebra Barcode Reader. I think both are cool logo ideas. If somebody is trying to come up with a logo for a similar project in the future, I would suggest trying animals such as the cheetah, leopard, or giraffe (I think they all have dots), it should be a lot of fun.

The other random observation is that I spotted a link to the ZXing project in the Google's Sponsored Links area while performing searchs for the phrases "2D barcode reader" and "1D barcode reader". I am not sure what Google's algorithm is for displaying those links, perhaps my personal search history is part of the equation or maybe they do this for every Google project? But if I am not mistaken, companies pay Google on a per click basis for those ads. So I guess it at least shows that they are very supportive of their own projects.

Billboard Promotes QR Food Traceability

The billboard pictured above was spotted last month at the Nan-Jing East Road Station of Taipei's Metro Rapid Transport. The purpose of the QR Codes are for food traceability, as mentioned in an earlier post. The sole entrance/exit of this station is just to the left of the billboard, so it is in a perfect spot to attract eyeballs. Unfortunately, due to the limited space, the billboard only tells the viewer that there is a new certification label for agricultural products. Meaning that those foreign to 2D barcodes will still not understand what those squarely dots stand for. Nonetheless, more people are paying attention to this and I also found the following video from the Taiwan Public Television about the importance of food traceability:

(Link to the article accompanying the video)

QR-Kill Game

Just read about the QR-Kill game and it really sounds like fun! I think I would enjoy running around chasing people with my QuickMark decoder.

The basic rules are as follows:
1. A QR with your name and phone (SMS format) will be printed in a 20cm minimum width sheet of white paper. It will be reinforced by a hard cardboard and stuck to the back using american tape.

2. The QR must be visible at all times. It cannot be covered by any means, wall, floor, etc…

3. Once you receive the deathly SMS you must leave the scenario right away.

4. When team playing, members can only communicate by using same phone they use as a weapon.

5. Disguising is allowed as along as the QR is visible.

6. Unless playing “sniper mode” no extra devices can be used to capture the QR-Codes (E.g. zoom photo cameras, videocams, etc…)

7. If there is a conflict deciding who killed first, SMS time will decide (we recommend synchronizing watches before the game starts)

8. No one can assist you to kill the enemy with your phone. However you can hire spies, etc…