Tuesday, October 9, 2007

DBN Art Incorporates QR Codes

Taiwan's first "software art" exhibition was recently held at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from 10.2 ~ 10.5.2007. The art exhibit is titled "Eeriness of Simplicity and Complexity" (translated) and the art pieces were created using Design By Numbers (a.k.a. DBN), which is both a programming language and language for visual artists and designers. The art pieces were put on display using LED devices. Amongst the 14 art pieces, is a special piece of art created by Po-Chi Huang and Wen-Chen Wu (I do not know the title of their work). It is special for 2 reasons: 1) it utilizes QR Codes and 2) it is rated R (I must admit this is more astonishing).

The Pet Shop Boys' recent Integral music video featuring over 100 QR Codes has been a hot topic for 2D barcode enthusiasts, but it looks like there are other lesser known artists aware of QR Codes and are starting to experiment incorporating them into their artworks. To me this is interesting because sometimes it is hard for me to grasp the artists' ideas behind their work and maybe the featured QR Codes will help provide me some clues (or confuse me more) as well as foster some interaction with the artist.

Sources: microplayground.net, sinner66 blog


Patrick Donnelly said...


Is there any way that QR Arts can submit a piece to this exhibit or future exhibits.



mike said...

I am not sure if there are future exhibits of the similar nature. But you can try checking out Taiwan Digital Art and Information Center and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts to see if there is anything of interest.