Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heinenken Meets QR Code (Taiwan)

Heinenken's official Taiwanese website now sports QR Codes for its marketing events. The QR Codes are of vCard format (LBS specification as defined in OMIA Barcode Standard 3.2) and contain geo-coordinates. This is quite useful for users that get lazy or sloppy in jotting down destination addresses. For instance, one can use QuickMark to scan the barcode, and either choose to save the information or fire up a navigation client (e.g. Google Maps Mobile or Garmin Mobile XT) to display the destination on a mobile map. Screenshots below:

Monday, October 6, 2008

QR On Book Backcover Gives Extra Info

A QR Code is spotted on the back cover of a new book titled Buying Good Products by Alice Ju (link). The book is about how to pick/buy healthy food products. The QR Code is a link to a webpage that contains a short video by the author sharing more information on the topic.