Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stackus iPhone Game Cleared! Tips and Spoilers

Stackus is a physics puzzle game for the iPhone that I downloaded while it was on a time limited sale (free) a couple of weeks or so ago. The goal of the game is very simple, move all objects from the left hand side of the screen to the right half of the screen. It was actually more fun than I initially expected and I ended up completing a stage or two (50 total) every once in a while and finally completed it the other day.

The game's graphics and sound effects are really well designed in my opinion despite the simple game play and theme. For some reason, I enjoyed flipping through the 5 main stage categories which was implemented like the album cover effect for iTunes.

If you are interested in Stackus, you can scan the QR Code above with your favorite iPhone barcode reader and link to the App Store directly for download (if you don't have a reader yet, consider QuickMark.)

Stage Monkey is kinda like a tutorial level to let users get acquainted with the game.

I don't remember much about Stage Yuki, guess it wasn't too difficult either.

Stage Mason wasn't too bad, either.

Stage Gerry is where it starts to get tough.

Stage Zygos can be unlocked once the previous 4 stages have been cleared.

Overall the difficulties of the different levels and stages are well designed so that it will make you think, but not make it impossible to figure out. Stackus gets a 5 star rating in my book and I would recommend it to those who enjoy puzzles.

2 tips that I did not figure out until the later stages:
1) Adjust the orientation of objects on the left hand side first before moving them to the right. For example, a long vertical bar might be hard to balance sometimes. By picking up and dropping the bar against other objects, it is possible to make it lay horizontally.
2) We can nudge or adjust unmovable objects in the right hand side and place objects in spaces where it may sometimes seem like there is not enough room.

Spoiler alert! If you are still working on the game, do not continue reading as I will share my solutions for the last 10 stages for those who are interested. I am sure that there are multiple ways to solve the puzzle and I probably got lucky on some of mine. Anyway, here goes:

Stage 41
Tip: Use the longer rectangles to form the foundation

Stage 42
Tip: Use the red ball (circle) to tip the tack to the right. Nudge the bottom orange block with another piece if necessary (a bit hard to explain...)

Stage 43
Tip: Use the dark purple rectangle block to form foundation.

Stage 44
Tip: Start with light colored objects on the bottom.

Stage 45
Tip: Use dark purple rectangle and a red ball to form base and protection against sliding due to the slope.

Stage 46
Tip: You need fast fingers to stack a purple block and a yellow ball between the 2 towers.

Stage 47
Tip: Use objects of your choice to fill gap (see above).

Stage 48
Tip: Quick and steady fingers to stack the green circles as depicted.

Stage 49
Tip: None really. Surprised to see such an easy one at such a late stage.

Stage 50
Tip: The dark green triangle is key to keeping balance because it is the heaviest. I also used it to trigger a seesaw effect to move the objects that were originally on the right hand side (and thus unmovable) to the left. Then you would need quick fingers to pick up falling object and drop them to appropriate locations for balance.

Once all 50 stages are cleared, you will be rewarded with a short animation saying "Congratulations!"

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Anonymous said...

Easier solution to stage 46:

You can bump the squares with no fast fingers required. :)