Friday, August 17, 2007

Spreading The Word On Mobile Barcodes

Popular Taiwanese blogger amarylliss recently blogged about her recent experience with QR Codes and has started to display QR Codes on her blog.

DigitalHome prints an introductory article on QR Codes in its July 2007 issue.

If you don't read Chinese, no worries. is a new blog that is committed to blogging about 2D barcodes as well -- in Spanish.

The point is, the majority of the general public still needs to be educated on 2D barcdoes, and I'm glad to see some effort going on. There are definitely a lot of mobile barcode enthusiasts out there and here are some blogs and/or articles to give one a head start on this subject, in no particular order:

Rex's blah blah blah (Chinese) - One of the most informative introductions to 2D barcodes and with great industry insight.

The Pondering Primate - Probably the blog that coined the term "physical world connection", always up to date on the latest developments on mobile barcodes.

QR Code Blog (Japanese) - Though discontinued, the blog's attempt at blogging with QR Codes is still quite interesting to see.

All About Mobile Life - Kaywa expert's blog always has something nice to share.

Bar code Insight (Chinese) - Observes the mobile barcode developments happening in Mainland China.

Tommi's S60 applications blog - Developer at Nokia shares views on mobile barcode applications. - Has an in depth review and comparison of various 2D barcode readers.

David Harper's Different Things - WinkSite founder introduces QR Codes.

BeeTagg Mobile Tagging Blog (Swiss) - BeeTagg's official blog.

streetstylz - NeoMedia's unofficial blog official blog, I think.

Make a Difference - Blog by NextCode's director of product management .

ShotCode Blog - ShotCode's official blog.

It's great to see that a lot of people are actively raising awareness on mobile barcodes. Again, there is a lot more information out there, and it's tough to list them all. Remember, search engines are our friends...


dlethe01 said...

I don't think streetstylz blog is NeoMedia's official blog.
streetstylz's opinions are not necessarily related to the company.

More companies blog:
Semacode blog
Semapedia blog
Olivier Attia blog - Founder of Scanbuy
Jeff Mould blog - Founder of Announce Mobile

Jeff Mould blog is one of my favorite. Unfortunately, the old posts were removed from the site.

streetstylz said...


Thank you for including my blog :) Greatly appreciated!

I would classify mine as an unofficial NeoMedia blog.

I cover NeoMedia, Gavitec, and The Mobile Codes Consortium (MC2).

My friend dlethe01 has a great French blog that covers the mobile code-reading and mobile ticketing space.

Thanks again & best always,

Amir Rozenberg said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the great post! very useful. I was just thinking of how could we all put all the knowledge together in one place, and certainly part of that is the list of relevant companies and market news (Pondering primate has a lot of that), some theory (like you could find in Wikipedia) and certainly the blogsphere. keep it coming!

mike said...

Thank you all for stopping by and even more grateful for your wonderful blogs!

Dean Collins said...

Posted first at;

Oh Wow breaking news - It's a great freaking day for the EFF :)

U.S. Patent Office Rejects All Ninety Five NeoMedia Patent Claims

Hey Streetstylz and all you other Neomedia flunkies - when you read this post think of me :)

This is a really big deal - 95 out of 95 patent claims all rejected, wow this is too cool and has put a smile on my face for the whole weekend.

Wonder what Ogilvy (and others) are thinking backing the wrong 'indirect' technology now. When Neomedia go bankrupt or are countersued out of existence all those marketing campaigns will cease to work and all the time and effort invested will be wasted.

Direct connect 'license free' QR codes are the way to go - paying license fees for a technology that Denso open sourced and made free in the 1990's is just dumb.

For those of you that want to read more detail check out the EFF site that links directly to the USPTO ruling

Dean Collins

mike said...

Hi Dean, thanks for the information!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be taking advice from Announce Mobile/ Mobitelligence's Jeff Mould:

Clay said...

FYI, the USPTO validated all 95 claims of Neomedia's barcode lookup patent today. This is a final decision (unlike previous ones) so the dispute has been resolved.