Thursday, September 27, 2007

Decoding Pet Shop Boys Music Video

English music artists the Pet Shop Boys recently released a new album called Disco 4, and in it is a song titled Integral. What is special about it is that the Integral music video is literally littered with QR Codes. Watching the video for the first time today, I was surprised by the number of QR Codes blinking and flashing throughout the music video. I am sure that some people will pull their hair out trying to scan for those 2D barcodes and never get any results. Well, I ran the video 4 times and found 74 unique QR Codes in it. They are all web links to websites that relate to the main theme of the song, which according to their official site, is freedom and civil liberty. There might be more than the 74 codes that I found, but I'll leave those to the hardcore fans. There are also a couple of URLs that link to missing pages, and I wonder if the video I watched was its final version (their official site mentions that an unfinished version was released a week prior to its official launch).

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