Saturday, September 15, 2007

QR Code On Wheels

Advertising is nothing new for the buses here in Taiwan. Buses are pretty much covered with ads, inside and outside. But my friend Joyce spotted an unfamiliar scene this week on her way to work: a QR Code printed on a bus.

The QR Code doesn't carry much info, simply a telephone number: 0800805680, which is the service hot line for 5680 (a company that provides computer maintenance/repair services). Although Taipei's traffic isn't that great and there are plenty of bus stops and traffic lights, I still wonder if it's easy enough for people to scan a 2D barcode on wheels. I actually think it might be simpler if they just print 080-080-5680 on the bus because the numbers are catchy enough to be memorized easily, but at least this will help people get used to having these mobile barcodes randomly show up in our daily lives.

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