Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Useless Observations About ZXing

Just noticed how similar the logo of Google's ZXing project is to the logo of Sourforge's Zebra Barcode Reader. I think both are cool logo ideas. If somebody is trying to come up with a logo for a similar project in the future, I would suggest trying animals such as the cheetah, leopard, or giraffe (I think they all have dots), it should be a lot of fun.

The other random observation is that I spotted a link to the ZXing project in the Google's Sponsored Links area while performing searchs for the phrases "2D barcode reader" and "1D barcode reader". I am not sure what Google's algorithm is for displaying those links, perhaps my personal search history is part of the equation or maybe they do this for every Google project? But if I am not mistaken, companies pay Google on a per click basis for those ads. So I guess it at least shows that they are very supportive of their own projects.

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srowen said...

Yeah I guess the zebra is a fairly obvious symbol for a barcode. I had never seen this other logo, not sure the guys who drew the logo had either.

We do pay for the ad you see, not to fear.